Thursday, January 8, 2009


This shrine is one I made for my sister in honor of my Dad. I plan on making them for other siblings as well, just waiting for their input before I can start the creative juices flowing. This shrine is made of almost all found/gathered things. The box is an old whiskey box (dad liked his Irish Whiskey). The moose represents years in Alaska, the shamrock his Irish roots. Old Joe Clarke in Scrabble pieces represents all the years of he and Theresa playing Scrabble. The soccer ball because he was always at all our daughters soccer games, as well as helping coach his other granddaughter’s team. The keys, nuts and bolts are because we found hundreds of keys and nuts, bolts, and nails, etc. I painted them in browns to represent rust. The piano hammers came off of my grandmother’s piano (which became mine) when I had it repaired. Dad was an excellent piano player and I wanted to honor that. The sheet music in the background also honors that. And the mountain scene painting on the backing is for his ‘signature’ that he used on all Christmas, birthday, etc cards he sent to family over the years. Hats off to you Dad.

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