Saturday, December 31, 2011


@kimberlypurcell invited people to share my #100thankyous.

As the year ends I thought I'd give it a try.

Here they are, not in any particular order-  just as they rolled off my fingers onto the page. Thankful vs thank you...

#100 thankful for one incredibly cool husband- who loves me for who I am and is always there for me #100thankyous

#99 thankful for 3 very interesting kids (4 if you count my son-in-law) #100thankyous

#98 super thankful for Mr. Milo who has given us almost 14 years of pure joy #100thankyous

#97 thankful for being able to give back in ways we never dreamed #100thankyous

#96 thankful for wonderful friends who make us laugh #100thankyous

#95 thankful for memories- mostly funny ones that crack us up #100thankyous

#94 thankful for Evan’s childhood made up words/sayings- like---do I drive you nervous? Has your brain gone zibbilee? #100thankyous

#93 thankful for newfound cousins- as it turns out I am not the eldest in the family #100thankyous

#92 thankful for great desert and island neighbors- it is a pleasure to know you #100thankyous

#91 thankful to be away from dreary NW weather – these old bones need warmth #100thankyous

#90 thankful for a moderately green thumb- mostly in the veggie garden #100thankyous

#89 thankful I can take decent photos #100thankyous

#88 thankful I have humor in my life #100thankyous

#87 thankful for growing up in Alaska- great memories-lots of snow #100thankyous

#86 thankful the NW is my home…couldn’t live long without the mountains, trees and ocean nearby #100thankyous

#85 thankful I have a creative streak- otherwise life would be boring #100thankyous

#84 thankful for creative kids- may they support me in my old age (just kidding kids) #100thankyous

#83 thankful for the times when I say ‘I can’…and I do…#100thankyous

#82 thankful for facebook friends and the ability to connect #100thankyous

#81 thankful for a yearning to travel- and the ability to pay for it #100thankyous

#80 thankful for two houses that are paid for #100thankyous

#79 thankful for those who are out there every day keeping us safe #100thankyous

#78 thankful for green grass and blue skies- keeps me calm and grounded #100thankyous

#77 thankful for the smell of the sea, the cool breezes and the sand beneath my feet #100thankyous

#76 thankful for my legs- they keep me moving along lifes paths #100thankyous

#75 thankful for change- for without it- we don’t grow and learn #100thankyous

#74 thankful for the ghost stories my grandfather told us- years later they still make me smile #100thankyous

#73 thankful for my hearing- listening to the bird calls and children laughing- priceless…#100thankyous

#72 thankful for my sight- the brilliance of a field of tulips, priceless…#100thankyous

#71 thankful for a glass of really good red wine…take time to savor #100thankyous

#70 thankful for a child’s laugh- so contagious- you can’t help but smile #100thankyous

#69 thankful for winters growing up with giant bins of skates in the school hallways and a frozen over baseball field- 

#68 thankful for a really good cup of coffee- it’s the little things #100thankyous

#67 thankful for fleece and Uggs on cool mornings #100thankyous

#66 thankful for a kind of crappy 2011- what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger #100thankyous

#65 thankful for enough clean water and food and clothes and shelter- many have none of those things #100thankyous

#64 thankful for (never thought I’d say it) my hubbys passion for golf- it’s a good outlet for him #100thankyous

#63 thankful for many European trips and many more (hopefully) to come #100thankyous

#62 thankful for our freedom- to go where we want, when we want without fear #100thankyous

#61 thankful for my kids’ ability to make their own Christmas gifts #100thankyous

#60 thankful for a pair of really good walking shoes #100thankyous

#59 thankful for being able to take the kids hiking when they were kids- they learned respect for nature #100thankyous

#58 thankful for really good sleeping bags and pads- though a hotel bed works better for me now- that was then #100thankyous

#57 thankful for the ability to put good food on the table for my family #100thankyous

#56 thankful for technology for all it has given us and will continue to bring us. #100thankyous

#55 thankful for Christmas lights and the joy and serenity they seem to offer #100thankyous

#54 thankful for inspiration- in whatever form it come in #100thankyous

#53 thankful for all religions- although some could not be so darned radical #100thankyous

#52 thankful for all races- makes the world go round #100thankyous

#51 thankful to have seen the Alaskan glaciers- awe inspiring #100thankyous

#50 thankful for hummingbirds- for their beauty, speed, agility, chatter #100thankyous

#49 thankful for old scary drivers- makes me even more cautious on the road #100thankyous

#48 thankful for artistic friends who (whether they know it or not) keep me grounded and inspired #100thankyous

#47 thankful for the memory of the mother and baby whale sleeping in the shallows off our cliff- never forget- hearing their breathing in the night…sigh #100thankyous

#46 thankful for ‘likes’ and status’s – I love to hear how my fb peeps are doing #100thankyous

#45 thankful for the French bakery we are about to hit up for breakfast…#hungry- #100thankyous

#44 thankful for friends Scott and Vicki who are thoroughly invested in the welfare of children- a life-long career #100thankyous

#43 thankful for friends Peter and Janice- we’re like siblings- only better- close but no fighting #100thankyous

#42 thankful for Mike and Hope- true island friends…love, love…#100thankyous

#41 thankful for good singing voices…goose bumps #100thankyous

#40 thankful for my dad’s excellent piano playing- only a memory now #100thankyous

#39 thankful for healthy children #100thankyous

#38 thankful for son Brook - humorous, persevering, kind and considerate #100thankyous

#37 thankful for son-in-law Nick- loving husband and great work partner to our daughter #100thankyous

#36 thankful for daughter Aleah- talented, creative, kind and generous #100thankyous

#35 thankful for son Evan- gifted in music and art, a kind, nature boy soul #100thankyous

#34 thankful for literacy- nothing like a good book #100thankyous

#33 thankful for the ability to multi-task (although sometimes it’s a hindrance) #100thankyous

#32 thankful to have lived on this beautiful planet for 59+ years #100thankyous

#31 thankful for our idyllic island life- general store, 4 cars on our road in one day, goats bleating in the next field over #100thankyous

#30 thankful for tissues- there when you need them- if you have them #100thankyous

#29 thankful for a good sharp knife- that’s all I need to say about that #100thankyous

#28 thankful for left handed scissors- all you lefties out there who have to use right handed scissors know what I mean #100thankyous

#27 thankful for good massages- my old aching self really appreciates that #100thankyous

#26 thankful for our annual hat parties- always a hoot- this will be our 15th #100thankyous

#25 thankful for super talented veterinarians- for taking such good care of our lovely Milo doggie #100thankyous 

#24 thankful for having to put on the ol’ thinking cap to come up with the rest of my thank yous #100thankyous

#23 thankful for the wisdom of our elders #100thankyous

#22 thankful for laughter until your sides hurt #100thankyous

#21 thankful for the release that tears bring #100thankyous

#20 thankful for animals that love us unconditionally #100thankyous

#19 thankful for the human spirit #100thankyous

#18 thankful for good music #100thankyous

#17 thankful for people with positive attitudes #100thankyous

#16 thankful for The Week magazine- little snippets of interesting info I might have missed #100thankyous

#15 thankful for the 2012 opportunity for Congress to grow up and do their jobs – no more hanky panky please #100thankyous

#14 thankful for owning our own business- we answer to us (and the IRS)…#100thankyous

#13 thankful for working hard and watching it pay off #100thankyous

#12 thankful for my grandmother’s salt & pepper collection (which I do not have), it inspired me to collect my own #100thankyous

#11 thankful for the lovely little green house the boys built for me #100thankyous

#10 thankful for 4 years of all girls Catholic high school- what a blast #100thankyous

#9 thankful for Seattle, the gem of the NW- mountains, forests, #100thankyous

#8 thankful for a good Tiramisu- nuff said there…#100thankyous

#7 thankful for warm clothes when you need them #100thankyous

#6 thankful for parental units- without them none of us would be here #100thankyous

#5 thankful for words- good or bad they say it all #100thankyous

#4 thankful for life #100thankyous

#3 thankful for the moon and stars- to gaze upon in awe #100thankyous

#2 thankful for another year to celebrate 2012 Happy New Year all #100thankyous

#1 thankful I am done with my #100thankyous

Monday, December 12, 2011


Christmas is 2 weeks away. And I am in NO way ready. 

Yes, my notecards and postcards and holiday cards are for sale on ETSY. No, I haven’t had a chance to even work on any necklaces- I was hoping to complete one a night. 

Once again, life had gotten in the way of life. In a months’ time, we’ve lost two family members, and we’re dealing with our lovely elderly dog, Milo, and his recent bout of seizures. We’ve spent the month traveling to be with family during this difficult time, many vet visits, while trying to run our business. 

Sadly, Windswept Art Farm is temporarily on hold.

Christmas is a great distraction for us, if we can actually get to enjoy it. All of our kids will be with us this year- and we're thankful that they get to spend some quality time with their canine brother. 

We're doing everything we can to make this season enjoyable. Outdoor lights are up, most interior decorations done- trees are next, followed by final shopping and wrapping. 

We’re strong, and these life events make us stronger. We’re getting through them with grace and calm- and even though it is difficult, we’re the better for it.

Here’s to a season of warmth in our hearts and excited expectations for a new year filled with happiness and healthy prospects.

With that said- I raise a glass to all who came before me…and to grace, and courage and love.
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Holiday Magic

I know, I know- I hate it too. I despise seeing holiday stuff up before Thanksgiving. 

However, in my defense- holiday cards, I feel are another story. 

I feel it is important, (for those of you, like me who like being ahead of the game and getting your cards at least addressed and ready), to get these cards up on ETSY now---even before Thanksgiving. 

Would you like a bit of nostalgia with your holiday?

This is an ornament is one I have had since I was young...don't you just love it?

Wow, it seems like this has taken forever to get going. After photographing Christmas ornaments (something I only do during the holidays), then choosing which ones to use, sending them off to the printer, assembling and now FINALLY posting to ETSY.

Please enjoy my little bit of festive world.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Autumn Is Here and I'm Like a Little Squirrel

Today is a very fall like day. Dark gray clouds hanging over head, lots of wind...thankfully only a bit of rain.

I made a promise to myself, once we got settled, I'd work hard on getting my note cards and postcards up on my ETSY site...

WELL- I am happy to say I DID IT!!! Hooray for me.

Today I posted:

Old Modern Europe Blank Notecards


 Vibrant Nautical Notecards

Artist Mix Postcards

 Unique Europe Photo Postcards

 French Countryside Postcards

 Nautical Postcards

 Bicycle Postcards

 Next this space!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ramping Up

My latest news is that we've packed up all my beads (which I have promised myself {once settled}) that I will work with to create necklaces to sell on ETSY...that is still my promise.

I also have with me all of my note (& holiday) cards and post cards that I will be assembling into packets to sell on ETSY too.

Once I get them ready to go, I'll post photos of everything offered and link to ETSY...

Wish I had time for more, but I don't...gotta go!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Off and Running

I feel we are well into autumn. The leaves are turning, the days are crisp, the breezes are cool. The neighboring goat farm is winding down their cheese production. The general store is about to celebrate their annual harvest festival. In Port Townsend the farmers market is winding down and they are in the midst of fall harvests. People are talking about cider presses and I can smell the smoke from chimneys as folks close up their houses, dress in layers and cozy down. The park at the fort is ramping up for their Halloween Haunted House celebration- which we will once again miss- I am sorry to say.

A couple of weeks after a successful Art Walk the shop where my photos are sold two of them. I am excited. I know these things take time. I now they have sold several sets of note cards and post cards. 

We are preparing to head south for the winter- yes, I guess its official- we are snowbirds. We have our house occupied and neighbors at the ready for the little emergencies that always come along- a frozen pipe, a furnace that breaks down, etc. I love being away from the nasty weather, but I don’t like being away from our home. We are thankful for vigilant friends, neighbors, and tenants.

I have packed up all the note, Christmas and post cards and will be putting them up on ETSY soon so I can ship from the desert house over the holidays. I am in crazy packing mode for that.

I also packed up all my beads with the determination that this season I WILL create necklaces, also to go up on ETSY this fall/winter.

Watch this space for the next installment- whenever that may be.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art Walk Success

Well I survived my first ever gallery/art walk as a participant (not an observer). Whew, all that nervousness for nothing...

Last weekend was the October art walk in Port Townsend and my friend and new shop owner Heather Pollock of Seagrass Coastal Home was kind enough to let me put my framed, canvas, note cards, post cards of my nautical photos in her shop for the event.

There are always lots of people who attend. Some are interested in the art, and some (probably the bigger percentage) are interested in the food and drink. It's a social event for the town- who can blame them?

I must say I did have fun with friend Vicki creating some pretty amazing appetizers for the event (goat cheese with pecans and grapes, pepperoni pinwheels, leek and Gruyere pinwheels, and believe it or not, the biggest hit of all, potato chips dipped in chocolate with sea salt).

I had a great support system there, and they eased my nervousness (along with some red wine).

Vicki & her hubby Scott spent the weekend with us and helped with food prep as well as carting stuff to/from cars, and serving guests so Heather and I could mingle. They along with hubby Richard kept me sane and entertained with their usual antics. They were all amazing.

I'm usually pretty shy about meeting strangers but after a glass of wine and several friends popping in to show me support I gained confidence and soon I was standing at the entrance introducing myself as the featured artist and telling guests about what I do as well as inviting them to see Heather's amazingly cool shop (I could actually set up a bed under one of her tables and live there- shhh, don't tell her I said that or she might check to make sure I haven't actually done it).

No real sales (art walks aren't really the right environment for that- too many people), but if someone is really interested they usually come back once things settle out.  Saturday night was also the Kenetic Gala Ball so there were lots of people out in costume- all dressed up, which added to the excitement of the evening.

I'm actually ok with minor sales of note cards and post cards- I got my feet wet, learned it was ok to mingle and put myself out there, and I had fun.

I only hope that the next time I get the chance (ad hopefully I will)- I'll be able to have the same amount of fun.  

Monday, September 26, 2011

Port Townsend Gallery Walk

Closest town to where I live is Port Townsend WA, and thanks to my good friend Heather of Seagrass Coastal Home in PT, I'll be the featured artist for Octobers Gallery Walk.

My nautical photos will be featured in frames, canvas (yep, that's right), note cards, and postcards.

Lots of wine and snacks, so come mingle with me at my first ever gallery walk- nervous and excited.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Latest Purchases

Just look at these lovely babies. I can't wait to lay them all out on the table and play with them. Such fun!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Latest Project

Currently I am working on a commissioned piece that will become a desktop Buddha 'shrine'.

I really can't show photos or elaborate too much as I don't want to give it away. Let's just say it's moving along. I had some of the elements on hand, but had to order a few things, buy some lumber, and build a box (thanks to hubby Richard for that assist). One of the elements needed to be taken apart, painted and reconstructed (note to self- take a photo of element before you take it apart- makes reassembly MUCH easier).

Next step is to prime the box (dry) paint (dry), paint again (dry)...that's always a longer process than I'd like, but there it is. Once it's all dry, I'll put it all together (positioning, gluing, etc) and then put a back on it.

Shipping is probably my most fearful part of the process. This piece has a couple of heavy elements in it and packing so nothing moves is going to be challenging.

More to come...crossing fingers...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Will summer ever get here?

Well, I know it isn’t officially summer (soon though- just not soon enough for me).
After having spent the winter in a warmer clime, we came back in late March to more of the same drab, cold, and wet weather we left in the fall. We still feel like we haven’t even had a decent spring. Just this week we were able to mow and start plowing the other acre. There’s little chance now that we’ll get any kind of garden in. So sad really, as in past years we’ve had spectacular harvests. Breaks my heart, but I have to emotionally let it go. 

It’s not like I don’t have enough going on. We remodeled our south house, and have an acre of landscaped grounds to care for, AND an acre where part of it was to be veggie garden. I have a studio sitting here waiting for me to get working in as well. I am also trying to get more necklaces (and shrines)  created to post for sale on my ETSY site.

I have a commissioned ‘shrine’ I am working on- which is taking a while as first I have to paint, then seal, and then start assembling. But I am excited about how it is coming together, and look forward to seeing it ‘look’ like something, instead of a bunch of ‘things’.

Of course there’s always lots of work to do in the studio- not fun work necessarily- cleaning, putting away, reorganizing, etc. but it’s all important to get done so I can focus on the important stuff. MAKING ART…

I am trying to figure out how to parse out my days so I can get the most out of my awake time. I MUST do my stretching every morning or I’ll just plain seize up (but hard to plan more than a walk).

Milo our golden retriever takes up a lot of morning time with feeding, in and out for potties, and daily walks. Then there’s real work- making sure I have everything done for the day- scheduling, billing, banking, correspondence for 2 businesses (preferably in the morning), and I have to keep checking back in for any updates that might need my attention. 

So if I can arrange it to take care of pooch in the morning, then work, then (weather permitting- HA) working in the garden even for 30-60 minutes, and spend a couple of hours (kind of hard to figure that with having to wait in between paint coats or glue to dry) in the studio. Also, I must not forget that blog, twitter, WAF facebook and ETSY also take time and I need to pay attention to that every now and again. And…perhaps even making a necklace (or at least starting one) after dinner. That would be GOLDEN…haven’t found a way to clone myself yet, but I’m working on it.

Watch this space for more updates- as time allows 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some of my FUN, FUN projects

When we were building our island house- I got this brilliant idea to create my own beach glass chandelier. I bought 2 inexpensive chandeliers. And lots of brass wire and found lots and lots of sea glass---here's the end took several months to create them both...

Here's another fun thing I did. Bought an unfinished Ash table, created wording that means a lot to us and created this table. Several months of dremel and woodburning- here's the result