Monday, June 13, 2011

Will summer ever get here?

Well, I know it isn’t officially summer (soon though- just not soon enough for me).
After having spent the winter in a warmer clime, we came back in late March to more of the same drab, cold, and wet weather we left in the fall. We still feel like we haven’t even had a decent spring. Just this week we were able to mow and start plowing the other acre. There’s little chance now that we’ll get any kind of garden in. So sad really, as in past years we’ve had spectacular harvests. Breaks my heart, but I have to emotionally let it go. 

It’s not like I don’t have enough going on. We remodeled our south house, and have an acre of landscaped grounds to care for, AND an acre where part of it was to be veggie garden. I have a studio sitting here waiting for me to get working in as well. I am also trying to get more necklaces (and shrines)  created to post for sale on my ETSY site.

I have a commissioned ‘shrine’ I am working on- which is taking a while as first I have to paint, then seal, and then start assembling. But I am excited about how it is coming together, and look forward to seeing it ‘look’ like something, instead of a bunch of ‘things’.

Of course there’s always lots of work to do in the studio- not fun work necessarily- cleaning, putting away, reorganizing, etc. but it’s all important to get done so I can focus on the important stuff. MAKING ART…

I am trying to figure out how to parse out my days so I can get the most out of my awake time. I MUST do my stretching every morning or I’ll just plain seize up (but hard to plan more than a walk).

Milo our golden retriever takes up a lot of morning time with feeding, in and out for potties, and daily walks. Then there’s real work- making sure I have everything done for the day- scheduling, billing, banking, correspondence for 2 businesses (preferably in the morning), and I have to keep checking back in for any updates that might need my attention. 

So if I can arrange it to take care of pooch in the morning, then work, then (weather permitting- HA) working in the garden even for 30-60 minutes, and spend a couple of hours (kind of hard to figure that with having to wait in between paint coats or glue to dry) in the studio. Also, I must not forget that blog, twitter, WAF facebook and ETSY also take time and I need to pay attention to that every now and again. And…perhaps even making a necklace (or at least starting one) after dinner. That would be GOLDEN…haven’t found a way to clone myself yet, but I’m working on it.

Watch this space for more updates- as time allows 

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