Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art Walk Success

Well I survived my first ever gallery/art walk as a participant (not an observer). Whew, all that nervousness for nothing...

Last weekend was the October art walk in Port Townsend and my friend and new shop owner Heather Pollock of Seagrass Coastal Home was kind enough to let me put my framed, canvas, note cards, post cards of my nautical photos in her shop for the event.

There are always lots of people who attend. Some are interested in the art, and some (probably the bigger percentage) are interested in the food and drink. It's a social event for the town- who can blame them?

I must say I did have fun with friend Vicki creating some pretty amazing appetizers for the event (goat cheese with pecans and grapes, pepperoni pinwheels, leek and Gruyere pinwheels, and believe it or not, the biggest hit of all, potato chips dipped in chocolate with sea salt).

I had a great support system there, and they eased my nervousness (along with some red wine).

Vicki & her hubby Scott spent the weekend with us and helped with food prep as well as carting stuff to/from cars, and serving guests so Heather and I could mingle. They along with hubby Richard kept me sane and entertained with their usual antics. They were all amazing.

I'm usually pretty shy about meeting strangers but after a glass of wine and several friends popping in to show me support I gained confidence and soon I was standing at the entrance introducing myself as the featured artist and telling guests about what I do as well as inviting them to see Heather's amazingly cool shop (I could actually set up a bed under one of her tables and live there- shhh, don't tell her I said that or she might check to make sure I haven't actually done it).

No real sales (art walks aren't really the right environment for that- too many people), but if someone is really interested they usually come back once things settle out.  Saturday night was also the Kenetic Gala Ball so there were lots of people out in costume- all dressed up, which added to the excitement of the evening.

I'm actually ok with minor sales of note cards and post cards- I got my feet wet, learned it was ok to mingle and put myself out there, and I had fun.

I only hope that the next time I get the chance (ad hopefully I will)- I'll be able to have the same amount of fun.  


  1. What a fun thing for you to do. I agree...........that shop is awesome. Did you dry mount your unframed photos on canvas? I love that look!

  2. Thanks Linda, it is actually a printing process. Looks like a photo but has the qualities of a painting. I have it done professionally, but I know there are printers out there that john q public can buy- it might be a hefty $ commitment- not sure.

    I like the way they turned out.

  3. Can't wait for another visit and a visit to town!