Friday, October 21, 2011

Off and Running

I feel we are well into autumn. The leaves are turning, the days are crisp, the breezes are cool. The neighboring goat farm is winding down their cheese production. The general store is about to celebrate their annual harvest festival. In Port Townsend the farmers market is winding down and they are in the midst of fall harvests. People are talking about cider presses and I can smell the smoke from chimneys as folks close up their houses, dress in layers and cozy down. The park at the fort is ramping up for their Halloween Haunted House celebration- which we will once again miss- I am sorry to say.

A couple of weeks after a successful Art Walk the shop where my photos are sold two of them. I am excited. I know these things take time. I now they have sold several sets of note cards and post cards. 

We are preparing to head south for the winter- yes, I guess its official- we are snowbirds. We have our house occupied and neighbors at the ready for the little emergencies that always come along- a frozen pipe, a furnace that breaks down, etc. I love being away from the nasty weather, but I don’t like being away from our home. We are thankful for vigilant friends, neighbors, and tenants.

I have packed up all the note, Christmas and post cards and will be putting them up on ETSY soon so I can ship from the desert house over the holidays. I am in crazy packing mode for that.

I also packed up all my beads with the determination that this season I WILL create necklaces, also to go up on ETSY this fall/winter.

Watch this space for the next installment- whenever that may be.

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