Monday, November 14, 2011

Holiday Magic

I know, I know- I hate it too. I despise seeing holiday stuff up before Thanksgiving. 

However, in my defense- holiday cards, I feel are another story. 

I feel it is important, (for those of you, like me who like being ahead of the game and getting your cards at least addressed and ready), to get these cards up on ETSY now---even before Thanksgiving. 

Would you like a bit of nostalgia with your holiday?

This is an ornament is one I have had since I was young...don't you just love it?

Wow, it seems like this has taken forever to get going. After photographing Christmas ornaments (something I only do during the holidays), then choosing which ones to use, sending them off to the printer, assembling and now FINALLY posting to ETSY.

Please enjoy my little bit of festive world.

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