Friday, November 4, 2011

Autumn Is Here and I'm Like a Little Squirrel

Today is a very fall like day. Dark gray clouds hanging over head, lots of wind...thankfully only a bit of rain.

I made a promise to myself, once we got settled, I'd work hard on getting my note cards and postcards up on my ETSY site...

WELL- I am happy to say I DID IT!!! Hooray for me.

Today I posted:

Old Modern Europe Blank Notecards


 Vibrant Nautical Notecards

Artist Mix Postcards

 Unique Europe Photo Postcards

 French Countryside Postcards

 Nautical Postcards

 Bicycle Postcards

 Next this space!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ramping Up

My latest news is that we've packed up all my beads (which I have promised myself {once settled}) that I will work with to create necklaces to sell on ETSY...that is still my promise.

I also have with me all of my note (& holiday) cards and post cards that I will be assembling into packets to sell on ETSY too.

Once I get them ready to go, I'll post photos of everything offered and link to ETSY...

Wish I had time for more, but I don't...gotta go!