Wednesday, January 25, 2012


On a recent trip to Las Vegas I meandered the back halls, conference rooms and shoppes of the Wynn Casino/ are a few of the treasures (color, form, texture) I discovered. 

My little iPhone camera stepped up to the challenge- once again.

Beautiful beaded tapestries, lots of interesting shapes, textures, colors. I almost couldn't stand it, I was so excited.

Super Elegant Look

Giant Mosaic Tile Work (one of several)

Bubble Resin Table

Hermes Window Dressing

Lamp & Vase

Perfect Color Combos

I wanted to take this display home

Giant Feather Art

Ornate Ceiling Light

Interesting Textures
Elegant Form

Elegant Relief Work
Colorful Tassels
Giant Orchid Vases

Colorful Moving 'Umbrellas'

Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Dragon

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