Thursday, February 16, 2012


I recently attended TAO: The Art of the Drum- quite the show. I highly recommend it. I am not here to talk about it in this blog, but do want to share with you the art on the wall of the second level of the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert CA.

I found out that this piece was a commissioned piece- 3 women from Texas created it for the theatre when the building was first constructed (several years ago). 

This piece is about 12' high and at least 60' long. I can't imagine how long this took to create. Recently they had it cleaned- I can only think that was a slow careful process so as to not damage the piece.

The muted natural tones speak of the desert. The flowing weave lets me imagine the desert winds. Standing close to it and being able to touch it reminded me of taking desert hikes, admiring the textures of the rock hills - in this piece I can imagine the green of the mountains in spring time after the winter rains and snow.

I was fascinated by every bit of this wall.


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  1. What a masterpiece. Love this wall and the detailed close-up photos you posted. Love the sentiment, as well.

  2. Thanks Linda, I was so impressed with this wall art. I was sad to see there wasn't an identifying plaque accompanying it- I had to ask the staff about the history of the piece.