Sunday, March 11, 2012


This my third installment of the county fair- the Date Festival in Indio California to be exact, is all about souvenirs. That stuff your kids cry for you to get for them. The stuff you win when you toss a ring around a bottle, when you pop all the balloons. The giant stuffed animals (or Sponge Bob), the blow up Spiderman- they have it all.

The population of Indio is 75% Hispanic (which I love- nicest folks around, they work harder than I do - that's for sure). The souvenir sellers are very aware of their audience. You will see everything from darling little dresses to nacho libre masks.

And talk about colorful- I had the most fun checking this stuff out.

Do you have a favorite take away from a local fair? Perhaps a stuffed animal tucked away in a box that your dad won for you when you were a kid?


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