Friday, March 16, 2012


In my 4th (and final) installment - exhibits- it's all about the food, crafts, etc. The exhibit halls. Local crafters and collectors hoping for a blue ribbon for their work. 

No giant pumpkins here- but plenty of dates and other green veggies. Dates of every variety. And believe me, they all have their own distinct tastes.

If you're ever in the Coachella Valley- look up Shields- famous for their date milk shakes- you have to try one.

Just look for the big knight pointing the way on Hwy 111 in Indio.

I digress- 
What I did miss, just ran out of time, were the animals. There was bull riding, and camel and ostrich racing (hey, we're in the desert),You won't find that in Kansas folks.

I also missed the monster trucks (thankfully), the demolition derby (also thankfully), and the music each night. While I didn't attend the concerts, I could hear them at night from my house.

Have you been to a county fair? What is your favorite exhibit?


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