Friday, March 30, 2012


I was recently goofing off while waiting for my hubby to finish up a golf game and wandered into Pier 1. Was I amazed by all the color! It was fantastic!

I guess this is the year for it. Maybe with all the stresses of the world falling around our shoulders it's JUST what we all need- a little color in our lives to cheer us up. 

This spring I've noticed several retailers showing their colors - so to speak, and I LOVE it.

When it comes to pillows and throws I'd like nothing better than to have all white furniture and walls and accent with colored pillows with splashes of color on the walls for added pop (maybe in my next house).
What is your favorite accent color? Do you have more than one? Are you a vibrant or muted tones kind of person?


When it comes to dining though I do prefer (in most cases) to eat off of white (or at the least solid colored) plates - maybe that's because I'm a bit of a foodie and the food I prepare and present really good looking food and I don't like the distraction. On the other hand, when eating outdoors I do like the color...

What's your take on colorful plates? For the dining room? For outdoor dining only

THANKS Pier 1 
 for bringing some much needed color therapy to my soul!

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