Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We have so many great friends on our little island- it's such a casual atmosphere here. Everyone is easy going, and we all seem to go with the flow. 

Our pals Hope and Mike who live at the north end of the island at Fort Flagler asked us over for early sips and snacks. 

Hope is a chef/caterer of high caliber and is intrinsically attached to the earth when it comes to forest and forage. Her intimate knowledge of food really blows my mind. She turns even the simplest of foods into something elegant and truly memorable.

Since she does catering, her house is full of treasures of all kinds- elegant glasses, silver name it, she's got it. On top of that, she's got lots of found treasures. I spent a few minutes poking around with my iPhone happily snapping away- with champagne glass in hand.

Then we sat on their lovely covered porch with spectacular views of Admiralty Inlet and the ships and mountains- all tucked under a bright blue sky mottled with puffy white clouds- a perfect end to a perfect Sunday.

my small contribution to the evening
chocolate & pistachio covered apricots

spiced Marcona almonds

I was lucky enough to be able to bring some pots with Black Mondo grass, Anenomes and some chocolate mint. And I delivered one of my favorite reads for Hope- A Year in the Village of Eternity...A great book that puts you in the mood to eat Italian (and perhaps live Italian), and gives you an understanding of how Italians living in a small village grow & preserve their own food. It's a book I think I will read more than once.

Hope has a way of making bottled water look chic

Hope's tin filled with her tasty homemade Tuile cookies
the ever so tasty {with a kick} salami
and her perfectly perfect baba ganoush

And if the food and company wasn't delightful enough---check this out- a smattering of shots I took throughout the house of all of her treasures and necessities for her catering...I was in heaven.

All that service ware nearly killed me with its beauty...and then there was this bit of utilitarian beauty...

 And you know I have a thing for what I call 'fancy' glasses...these are just too cool

then onto other treasures I spied and couldn't resist snapping...

stone treasures and sometimes chopstick rests

collection of vintage postcards
folding chair back

island deer noshing on newly planted pansies

and THAT my friends was our lovely evening with Mike and Hope- our island pals...Hope you enjoyed...


  1. I surely did enjoy! Like being there with you!

  2. This all looks marvelous! Your photos are always amazing!

  3. Thanks ladies. I must say I have a really good time hopping about the island capturing moments like this (my little iPhone camera works well for being spontaneous and inconspicuous...