Monday, June 4, 2012


In 2009 we took a road trip in our new car (to test the gas mileage). We spent several days buzzing through eastern Oregon. Our main goal was to drive through the John Day Fossil Beds, and the Painted Hills. 

The Painted Hills knocked me out with their color. Here are some of these things we saw on our journey. As you will see here- hope you enjoy.

an eagle eye view of the Columbia River Gorge
a little hidden falls we encountered- cool and refreshing
the ever lovely Multnomah Falls
majestic Mt Hood
the long and winding road following the river

And here we are- the Painted Hills (and yes folks, they are that vibrant)...

I love the flowers in the crevices and the animal tracks on the hill

 From there to here...this view on our route home

 hope you enjoyed and hope this makes you want to take a road trip sometime soon

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