Sunday, June 17, 2012


This morning is a quiet, rather gray morning. The fog horns on the sound have been echoing off the water, and I can hear boats, but cannot see them. 

I have my coffee in hand and I am sitting on the porch watching the hummingbirds chase the gold finches from the nearby grasses. There is mist hanging in the air, but the hummers are busy feasting on nearby flowers and our feeders. 

I am noticing how badly we need to get out and do some serious weeding. The few weeks of nice weather we had back in May is now coming back to haunt us with a massive growth of weeds and grasses. I am sighing in disappointment, but rather than sulk I am walking the property to see what else is going on amongst the wet brambles, grasses and weeds.

even the tiniest of spiders have been very industrious

My first stop was on my deck, where my galvanized tubs contain various flowers, grasses, and herbs. Everything is wet with dew, which allows for the discovery of tiny webs which might not (on a dry day) be noticed.

it pays to go out in the garden on a wet morning- I get to discover just how 'hairy' this plant is

This morning I was visited by a little hummingbird who flew right up to my face and hovered there, chatting away. I think the message was, "please make sure my feeder is full, and I'd like it if you could perhaps put out just one more feeder, pretty, pretty please". Directly after that little scolding it flew off to partake of the feeder.

As I wandered about the weeds and gravel, I couldn't help but notice the smell of the garden too. The wet soil, the smell of pollen in the air, the waning aroma of the near spent Little Miss Kim lilac, and of course, the smell of rain and salt air.

and of course the lovely smell of my mint plants (lemon and chocolate mint)

even some spent flowers have beauty
my many colors of Snap Dragon- love, love, love

From Euphorbia, Penstemon, and Calendula. Peony, Sun Rose, Clematis and Bamboo- I truly love to walk in my yard.

the dainty, shade loving woodland violet co-exists with black mondo grass

I'd best get these cut before they go to seed

the near impassable bridge

my lovely wet, pink peony
sun roses- I have them in yellows, magentas, pinks, and this lovely shade of orange/red

this little African daisy- in the veggie garden- I have no idea where it came from

I encourage you to take a walk on the wild side- whether it be in your garden or a park setting- I think it is good for the soul.

 I must remind myself to do that more often.


  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing your lovely garden walk with us!

  2. You are most welcome Linda- I do love gardens, no one can dispute that!