Friday, June 29, 2012


What seems like many, many moons ago is now but a memory. How I wish I could wiggle my nose and be there again. It was such a perfect time. 

Oh so long ago we went to the ever so lovely Virgin Gorda (translates into fat virgin), in the British Virgin Islands. Where you drive in a British made car (right hand drive) on (in my opinion) the wrong side of the road, but pay for everything in US dollars...quite the shock.

Here are some snaps of what a wonderfully relaxing, vibrant colored, peaceful place this is. OK, having said that, I feel the need to go back.

This is actually where my husband was snorkeling and lost his keys, he swam to the exact spot and extracted them from the depth just before the 'bewitching' hour (before the rental agency closed for the day). The story is much longer and funnier, but here's not the space to tell it.

 and environs...

remnants of an old copper mine

just love all the colors of this place

rush hour traffic

Toad Hall (where we stayed)- had a private walkway from the compound to the beach above the boulders at The Baths (these boulders were bigger than a house). Our place was rather Robinson Caruso-ish with no glass in the windows, pretty much outdoor living. 

What an adventure it was getting fresh food to cook for ourselves. There are not a lot of choices on this small island, unless you want to eat out, and (fair warning) not even then.

one of the three local pooches that liked to visit

our pool created in the heart of several giant boulders
a Goonies kind of (private) walkway from our place to the beach

I would go back in a heartbeat

the end...sigh...

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