Tuesday, August 21, 2012


At the very northern tip of our tiny island (that is, the island we live on) is an old fort. Fort Flagler- now a state park, along with Fort Worden in Port Townsend and Fort Casey on Whidbey Island. These 3 forts were built to protect Seattle/Puget Sound from the harms of war. Fortunately, there was never a need- the guns remained silent.Today it is a perfect place to wander about, lots of hiking trails, and beaches- spots for kite flying and picnicking. There are bunkers to explore, deer to watch and eagles to view overhead. 

Some years after the war, the 3 forts were turned into state parks. Fort Flagler has been lucky to have a great volunteer staff (the Friends of Fort Flagler). They have spent countless hours (and dollars) restoring the place. 

On this little excursion we got a history lesson and there were even talk of ghosts...

There's all the hospital stuff- and while there were soldiers stationed here I don't know if there were injuries or how much use the hospital actually got. Here are a few creepy reminders of health care back in the day.

Frankly for me (and those who know me can attest), it's the odd little things that catch my eye.

Like in these photos- 

The End...

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