Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Time Chicken Salad- GOODNESS!

OK, OK, OK, you all know I love to cook- that's no secret. So why have I never posted about food? Or cooking? Much? Heck if I know. 

Every now and again (just to keep you on your toes), I'll post something food related.

I can't imagine eating chicken salad at any other time but summer time- the two go hand in hand. Warm days, refreshing, cool chicken salad- mmmm!'s how I make mine...

We generally grill chicken every few days here on the island (that and fish)...and we always seem to have extra cooked chicken. So I chop a bunch up of cooked chicken breast (hubby likes the thighs- me white meat- so guess who wins). Then I toss in a bunch of champagne grapes (you can use any grapes, but this time of year these little champagne babies are in season and you don't have to cut them up).

Next thing to add is Tarragon (which I cut from plants in my deck containers- it doesn't get any fresher than that). Pluck and chop (if you cut too much you can dry the rest in the oven for later, or chop, mix with olive oil and freeze in an ice cube tray).

Next are some lovely little diced shallots. Now if you don't happen to have shallots, don't cry- you can use onion of any variety. Shallots are a bit more subtle, but no worries- just add to your liking.

 The last dry ingredient I like to add in are some chopped walnuts- gives it that nice crunch...again, add to taste.

Now for the grand finale...I toss with a bit of mayo (home made is preferable)- you don't need much, and a dollop of Dijon mustard- mix together and voila! You've got a tasty lunch, or even dinner.

On this particular occasion I had some newly harvested potatoes and beets from the garden that we had grilled the night before (again, the woman with the left overs).

I heated them up (I could have eaten them cold too), and served for lunch with some sliced apples...

Refreshing and tasty- doesn't get much better than that folks!

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