Friday, August 17, 2012


Here's a little story about the garbanzo bean and the asparagus getting together with the ever fresh and tasty goat cheese- a little pictorial to make your taste buds kick you in the head and tell you to go get some and make it.

 A friend and I took a trip to Pike Place Market in Seattle where I saw for the first time what a garbanzo bean looks like in the pod. Who knew? I've only seen them in the can. I was intrigued and ask the veggie seller what he did with them (I was thinking hummus). Here's what he suggested- it is too easy.

These photos along with some olive oil and sea salt are all you need to savor this tasty little side dish. By the way, the goat cheese I was using is from our lovely neighbor Rachael at Mystery Bay Farm (well, it is really from her goats, not her).

these little beans were kind of hairy and that was a little freaky at first

and shelled they are hard and look like little brains- again, a little freaky

dump them in a pan with some olive oil and raw, cut asparagus

saute until tender

enter the really good stuff- crumbled chèvre

a pinch or a dash of a mellow salt

and you're good to go
So to recap- fresh garbanzo beans, fresh asparagus, olive oil, a mellow sea salt, some creamy chèvre- and all is right in the world. Off to make dinner, I have made myself hungry.

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