Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We are still in the midst of fresh asparagus and you know it will be on my table at least once a week.

Nothing tastes better than your own harvest of organic tender food from the garden- or your local Saturday Market, if you don't have your own garden.

Hubby does all the grilling and his tastiest feat is the grilling of a flank steak. 

So, grill your own flank steak with whatever seasoning you prefer. While it is grilling start the veggie saute.

I don't steam my veggies anymore.But rather saute with some olive oil in a hot pan- I find it has much more flavor.

In this case, I threw in a handful of pine nuts I had roasted- just gives it that little tasty crunch.

Slice that tasty steak in thin strips and...

Served it up with a chunk of crusty bread and some lovely chevre- ours comes from our neighbors goats (who dine frequently on our property).

Top off with your favorite beverage.

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