Monday, October 22, 2012


My grandmother and mother used to make pasties, beef hand pies. They were good and they were hearty- perfect fall food- and growing up it was perfect because it didn't cost much, and with many mouths to feed it worked.

I think fall makes us nostalgic so with autumn coming full on I got a hankering to make some.

My grandmothers recipe was very simple, home made pie crust to start- with shortening- super old school. If I have time I make my own- that doesn't always happen.

Her recipe called for round steak or chuck roast and suet, potatoes and onions and salt and pepper, and that was about it.

I dress mine up a bit more than that. I use a really good cut of meat, diced pretty small, sauteed with onion, carrots and potatoes (sometimes I add in beets or chanterelle mushrooms). 

I saute with butter and olive oil- no lard or shortening for this girl. And I add in some wine and cook it down. I like to add a bit of finely grated reggiano cheese too. And depending on my mood I might toss in some thyme leaves for added flavor.

This particular fall day we took our lovely little pies on a picnic in our field. 

It was thoroughly delightful- with the crisp air, the fading sun, and the sunflowers bowing their heads as we enjoyed our feast.

...and there were leftovers for lunch the next day- YUM!

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