Monday, November 26, 2012


It is getting cold out there folks- and one of my first thoughts is to our little island birds and making sure they get their fill of food in preparation for the winter.

A while back my lovely daughter Aleah posted a blog about some cute little paper towel rolls we spread with peanut butter and bird seed, that we hung in the garden. We found that they were eaten down to nothing in no time.

Here's another spin on helping our little winged friends 'beef' up for the winter.

Here's what you need:

Oranges & Pine Cones
Peanut Butter
Bird seed

Cut the orange in 1/2 and scoop out the fruit- no need to for it to be perfect- the birds will eat all but the rind.

Take the orange 1/2 and 'nail it' to a board- here I have used a shingle with a picture hanging nail.

Mix the PB with the bird seed and fill the orange 1/2's- it can be a bit messy, but orange and peanut butter are quite tasty- but I don't recommend the bird seed. Best to let your dog lick that off your fingers.

Then it is ready to nail to a tree or hang on a wall- here I used wire to hang it to an existing 'hook' on our pillar.

For the pinecones I spread them with PB first, then rolled them in bird seed, first wrapping the 'tree end' of them in twine.

Voila- the birdies will love it...your good deed for the day.

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