Friday, March 16, 2012


I'm from Irish ancestry and the only green thing I could come up with to celebrate is this post- about the greening of the desert. 

The desert isn't a deadscape as people might think, (although in some cases it looks that way) you just have to spend some time and look for it.

We recently took a trip to The Living Desert- botanical gardens and a zoo of sorts. It's a great place to spend the afternoon enjoying the desert flora. 

For me personally, I love all the textures and different shades of green. Sometimes just the way the light hits the cacti is interesting.

And, yes, there is water in the desert...

What is your favorite cacti? What about your fave desert animal?

 Not local- from Madagascar I believe

I had to throw this one in- I hadn't noticed these guys on the rocks until someone pointed them out- they camouflage themselves well, don't you think?

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In my 4th (and final) installment - exhibits- it's all about the food, crafts, etc. The exhibit halls. Local crafters and collectors hoping for a blue ribbon for their work. 

No giant pumpkins here- but plenty of dates and other green veggies. Dates of every variety. And believe me, they all have their own distinct tastes.

If you're ever in the Coachella Valley- look up Shields- famous for their date milk shakes- you have to try one.

Just look for the big knight pointing the way on Hwy 111 in Indio.

I digress- 
What I did miss, just ran out of time, were the animals. There was bull riding, and camel and ostrich racing (hey, we're in the desert),You won't find that in Kansas folks.

I also missed the monster trucks (thankfully), the demolition derby (also thankfully), and the music each night. While I didn't attend the concerts, I could hear them at night from my house.

Have you been to a county fair? What is your favorite exhibit?


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Sunday, March 11, 2012


This my third installment of the county fair- the Date Festival in Indio California to be exact, is all about souvenirs. That stuff your kids cry for you to get for them. The stuff you win when you toss a ring around a bottle, when you pop all the balloons. The giant stuffed animals (or Sponge Bob), the blow up Spiderman- they have it all.

The population of Indio is 75% Hispanic (which I love- nicest folks around, they work harder than I do - that's for sure). The souvenir sellers are very aware of their audience. You will see everything from darling little dresses to nacho libre masks.

And talk about colorful- I had the most fun checking this stuff out.

Do you have a favorite take away from a local fair? Perhaps a stuffed animal tucked away in a box that your dad won for you when you were a kid?


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