Thursday, April 12, 2012


A while back I took trips to France, Italy and Prague...totally fab- 

The villages there have the most quaint signage...

No more words from me. I'll let the coolness of these signs speak for themselves.

 I think they are quite fabulous don't you?

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

SPRING IS KID SEASON (as in goats)

Oh my goodness. Today we went to our island goat farm, just across our field, to bring Rachael some chives for her award winning goat cheese, and visit the new clan of baby goats- those little tykes are so darned cute. I had to share these photos.

Rachael, Scott and daughter Cora own Mystery Bay Farms-  where they raise lovely little goats and produce award winning goat cheese. In 2010 they won the First Place ACS (American Cheese Society) Winner. 

We love spring here on the island, especially when the grasses are fresh and sweet and kids are being born. When we're in our field working we can see the goats in the neighboring fields eating, and it is especially fun to hear them chatting. They are so fun to watch.

my contribution- chives to roll the chevre in- delish

These little energetic bundles are so much fun to watch- and they're so soft. Just watch your shoe laces or anything else left hanging- they love to chomp on things.

Love this little ones ears

They can be so cuddly too...

Cora loves to play with the goats- she's just as rough with them as they are with her...

I loved wandering around the barn yard- you never know what you'll see- the evidence of a little farm girl are everywhere...

love her doll house in the barn- complete with goat on the table...hilarious...