Tuesday, September 4, 2012


A little story about a book called Shelter that hubby has been carrying around with him for years (I mean years). 

Recently our youngest son came up for a visit and we ran across the book and decided to give it to him. We noticed the books condition. Mostly the broken spine- the book was falling apart, literally. So rather than send son off with a book that most certainly would end up as strips of paper at some point, I set out to our local print shop to have it 'fixed'. 

They recommended we take it to a book binder- hm, my first thought was where am I going to find a book binder near where we live, and second, should we go to all this work for a book that was purchased in the '70s for minimal cost? Here's the answer- CAN DO!

We spent the morning heading to David Myhre of Duckabush Book Bindery. This guys shop is amazing; clean as a whistle and set in a lovely tree lined ridge near Hood Canal.

We spent over an hour there just chatting about the process and his experience. More than a year ago he was splashed across the local headlines, being touted as the Bible Binder - and ever since folks from all over have been sending him old bibles, books and manuscripts to be rebound. He tells us it keeps him busy 7 days a week, 8 hours a day, with no end in sight.

We got the full run down on glues, paper, condition of books, etc. It was a fascinating tour- afterwards we said we'd both like to see him put our little Shelter book back together again.
Dave didn't mind me snapping some iphone shots - you know I love things that 'make things' or 'fix things'. I seem to like things that are in earth tones too. Here are some shots of brushes and tools and spacers, etc...just fascinating stuff really.

You know me and machinery, etc. Especially interesting stuff like this- no electricity running through these babies. And coming from a printing background I really got into all the old equipment there.

So this is what Dave is going to do to our little Shelter book. Can't wait to get it back.