Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Last weekend I invited some gal pals to join me in the studio for some bubbly and holiday creation fun. And fun we did have.

Of course, it has to start with some champagne and snacks.

 There were so many options to choose from. We ended up with with holiday card garlands, snow globes, holiday wrap, Christmas trees, ornaments, and more.

Here are a few snaps of our lovely creations.

lovely natural name tags or for place settings

Lauren wishing for snow with a bit of painting

friend Linda making garland magic happen

and some fun wrapping paper made with sponges cut in tree shapes and 'stamped' on craft paper

daughter Aleah made this lovely paper with rubber stamp pad and colorful pens
pal Kelly made these cute trees- this one with yarn and a styrofoam base

and this one with moss and pine cones

cute little ornaments made from plastic wine glasses (more on that in another post)
and of course, these little darling snow globes (more on these later as well) 
 What a fun way to spend the afternoon- with my gal pals gettin' all crafty. Thanks girls!