Monday, May 6, 2013


We recently drove from the Coachella Valley to Las Vegas for a mom visit. We decided to take the less traveled route to see what it had to show us.

Here are some shots we took along the way.

One thing we found out, is that route is a long way from nowhere (I'd hate to break down out there).

We passed abandoned towns, and deer, tortoise, and elk crossing signs, and we saw many lizards along the way.

The most desolate of roads were undulating (real tummy ticklers), and they were paved and patched in reds, greys and black (and not always in a good way)...

Here are some shots of the lovely (pretty much ghost) towns of Amboy, Cima, and Kelso.

deserted motel - note the date of 1917

 Trough a Joshua Tree forest or two.

And through parts of it we were on Route 66 (which surprised us, and we were thrilled- as someday we want to drive most of it).

I get my kicks on Route 66...

Happy trails.