Thursday, September 5, 2013

DIY easy peasy pennants

I got an idea to make some pennants for my daughter and son-in-laws 10th wedding anniversary party at our house.

It turns out, it is a really easy fun project

Here's what you'll need-

-sewing machine
-good fabric scissors (there's a lot of cutting)
-cardboard for a template
-fabric of choice
-matching thread
-enough length of wide ribbon to complete the pennant (as you can see, I chose a more industrial stuff as mine was going to be outdoors in the weather)

Here's what I did-

bought a bunch of fabric on sale at Joann Fabric (they are always having sales).

made a square and triangle pattern out of heavy card stock (you can also use chipboard).

 cut my cloth (I managed about 4 layers - you don't want to stress the scissors, or your hand)

 here's my stash

I started by pinning my flags to my ribbon, but quickly learned that wasn't necessary

 I got quite the little production line going- rock and roll

 sew, sew, sew...

and voila- 

 done and done...perfect