Monday, February 17, 2014


on a recent road trip, we stopped to visit our kids and stayed at a house on 300+ acres. we were visited (sometimes rather assertively) by:

chickens- who upon seeing my hubby ran as fast as their short clawed legs would carry them to see if he had any food for them (goodness, they look funny when running at full speed). they would have come into the house if we let them.

cows- who found a chink in the electric fence armor to wander around the exterior of the house- at that time we called the owner as the cows had free access to the long driveway and possibly the main road (not a good sign, once they started running with Ms. Momma out front leading the parade). cows are funny when they run like it's springtime.

goats- Rupert and Murdock, inseparable, friendly, and apparently eager to travel (they attempted to get in our car- twice). they we're kinda cute, and very gentle, but one did try to eat my jacket. apparently Rupert or Murdock (not sure which), likes to lick windows. i really liked them. they too, at one point were up on both porches and would have easily come into the house and made themselves comfortable. silly goats!

all in all a grand visits with children and farm critters- 

  • cows are big (don't trust 'em)
  • chickens are whacky and untrustworthy (and they have claws)
  • goats are just plain fun (although they have a mean head butt, but I have a feeling these boys are just loves) 
  • children- we visited (son Ev and his sweet gal Heather)- good huggers and total sweethearts

couldn't be a better visit---that is all!

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