Friday, April 11, 2014

Woodland Baby Shower

Back in March I was thrilled to host my daughters baby shower. It was so much fun to put together. She told me what her thoughts were - a woodland tea party- and I went to town. It was great to see her vision evolve into my reality. She is a girl who doesn't like surprises, so I slowly gave away my plan, but ended up managing a few surprises. It was good to see how much in sync her vision and my vision were. Like mother, like daughter I suppose.

It was a family affair. Son Evan, created the cute invites, thank you notes, and I took his art and created darling bookmarks as takeaways, and had the invite art printed onto a 12x18 canvas for the babies room. 

Hubby and I set to work on cutting alder branches into varying sizes and positioning into clear glass bowls to be filled with flowers later. Son and I harvested 60 or more lovely fern leaves for table decorating. I made a long flagged bunting for around some of the tables. I tasked other grandma Julie with collecting vintage tea cups which we sent guests home with (along with embroidered hankies, bookmarks, hand packed tea bags, and the darling little wooden creatures). 

Here are some snippets of that fun day.

Special thanks to:
other grandma Julie for her great scavenging of vintage tea cups 
Ruth Anne Ford for her lovely little cakes
the good folks at Ravishing Radish
Laura Marchbanks for the great photos
pal Hope for her fantastic food
all the lovely guests who helped us celebrate
son Evan for his artistic abilities

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