Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Wow, I never thought a short hike (they said maybe 6 miles) would become 12.5 brutal miles, full of steep switchbacks and the like. It was beautiful and the rain held off until the very end, but it was tough for me.

I hadn't done any real hiking for quite some time- thank goodness I had good boots and walking poles.

It started out easy enough, but soon we were amongst many switchbacks, and for me that means vertigo- I used my hand as a blinder so I couldn't see the steep fall off to my side- bad thing for me is I have PERFECT peripheral vision- leaving little to the imagination. I can see it all. UGH!

So, here we to the Brothers Wilderness in the Olympic National Forest- hiking to the Duckabush River.

Moss, and leaves, and trees, and rocks (some REALLY, REALLY big rocks), some fantastic vistas, and water, and fresh air, and the aroma of the forest- what more could one want?