Hello from Windswept Art Farm! I'm Paula (my friends call my Skippy). In my studio overlooking Puget Sound I create shrines - memorials to experiences, beliefs, personalities, and obsessions. These shrines are very personal, celebrate any (or no) occasion, and honor the wonder of being alive.

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During a summer trip to Italy I saw religious shrines lining roads, walkways, and doorways in the five villages of Cinque Terre. In my studio, I pair my love for the arts and an admittedly quirky eye to create amazing and fun personalized shrines for my clients.

So, whether you'd like to give a shrine to a wine loving friend, the golfer in your family, that special bride and groom, or have one created for yourself, I will create an amazing shrine based on the individual personality, tastes, hobbies, or even weirdness.

The shrines of Windswept Art Farm are fantastic gifts for birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries, or as conversation pieces. They get people talking and always have a place in the recipient's heart.

Please contact me: I would love to create a special shrine for you!

Check out my SNIPPETS & SUCH page for photos/stories/other snippets about my art.